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Automated Trading, Programming and Custom Algorithms for Futures Traders

Automated Trading, Programming and Custom Algorithms for Futures Traders


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Deer Creek Enterprises Inc. builds and leases sophisticated and proven automated algorithms specifically for the NinjaTrader Platform. The algorithms that are available for lease are far superior then other algorithms on the market today and they are available for all level of traders!! Algorithms are available for many different futures markets that can be traded 23 hours per day 5 days per week.  Deer Creek Enterprises Inc. has been trading, programming, and building algorithms full time for the past 5 years.

  • All Algo's are NinjaTrader 7 & NinjaTrader 8 compatible 
  • Emini S&P & Nasdaq, Oil, Gold, Euro, & Nat Gas are among the most popular and most consistent algorithms available
  • Contact us for pricing on automated algorithms and custom programming
  • Bring your ideas to us to build your custom programming for your style of trading and we turn your idea into reality


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All automated trading algorithms are leased on a monthly basis to all clients and can be used to trade at any time throughout the day or night to revolve around clients regular schedules. Using them while the pit session is open will allow for more consistent trading as the markets move more when the volume is higher during the open pit session. Algorithms are loaded directly to each clients platform and there is no server to be connected to, just simply turn on your platform and arm the particular algo for whatever market you are trading and let the algo's do there job. 

  • Algorithms take out the fear of Trading 
  • Entry and Exit Points are very specific to the markets ever changing conditions
  • Improve the consistency of your trades if the markets are up, down, or sideways with stress free trading
  • Entry and Exits are lightning fast with minimal risk on every trade  


Your Resource for Expansion

  • Customer support is available for all aspects of the algorithms including loading the software onto the platform, training of the algo's and all available updates are free to the customer. 
  • 1 on 1 mentor-ship is also available for maximizing consistency while trading within the futures markets and using automated algorithms.
  • Weekly training class available to all customers using the automated algorithms to stay up to date on the latest upgrades



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